and so I begin….


Yes, well here I am, a forty eight year old woman starting a blog. I  also walked down a catwalk for the first time a few Fridays ago. Does all this herald a late mid life crisis ? Probably…. well the catwalk, the prospect of which,  not to put a tooth in it, terrified me, was a favour for a good friend. I contemplated having a strong medicinal  drink or two for nerves , courage whatever, but that  exponentially increased the risk of me falling over with Katie Perry’s “Firework” playing somewhere in the background. That risk was real but I digress.

This blog on the other hand has been milling around in the far reaches of my mind for quite some time. I like writing, I like musing aloud.  My’apparent’ randomness is a source of sometimes great amusement and annoyance for my husband and older children..the younger two being still somewhat in my thrall. Also I began recently  to read a rather wonderful blog by  Jenny O’Connor called Jenny are ULO  to be found at  As I’m not a bit shy  about piggy backing on the coat tails of someone else, here I am for my own personal pleasure with one eye on the clock venturing forth into the world of blogs.

I choose the title of the blog as I see myself very much as a” broad”. Despite brief flirtations with the idea of being a lady in my younger years. My DNA , my world view and my inherent contrariness just precludes me from having an ability to sustain that desire let alone attain it. I much preferred Calamity Jane as a gun toting woman and Eliza Doolittle as a flower seller than what they were transformed into.  When living  in one channel TV  land back in the day, with Saturday re-runs of black & white and  golden  oldie films being our only respite from sport on RTE, I had very brief flights of fantasy based on Audrey Hepburn & Deanna Durbin. Even then though, I think I knew enough of my own soul that the price for me would be too high. Audrey & Deanna were replaced with my love for the likes of Ollie Campbell and Moss Keane.  Although for the life of me I couldn’t understand why rugby players just kept running in to each other rather than around each other, I thought having the chance to get so muddy and be a grown up was just pure class. Actually I still do, as my friends who I have cajoled into going on mud runs with me can testify.

So here goes,  the biggest challenge will probably be having the/some discipline to blog reasonably regularly. I have no expectations and I’m already winning as my teenagers are slightly perturbed by the idea of Mammy the Blogger. RESULT.


5 thoughts on “and so I begin….

  1. Ah Jill beautiful command of the English language I really enjoyed reading your 1st ? Blog and I am going to re-read again. Madeline walshe was right when she said a few years ago what a intellectual family ye are . All so TALENTED . OLYMPIC MEDALIST , BRILLIANT YOU GO GIRL !!! Xx


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