Photo by Will Bolding on Unsplash
  The Foxglove and The Fern.
It took me by surprise
the familiar foliage on my left.
Not belonging in
my previous imaginings
of this place at all.
I walked,
where I had never
walked before,
Following in your footsteps.
I knew where I was headed.
With leaden feet,
a dizzy head
and a dulled
quickening heart,
I picked my steps.
Brokering the tangled
knotted wood underfoot.
My tempo and my gait
as uneasy as my mind.
Just before the bend
which was sharp,
the foxglove and the fern
popped brightly into view.
Their familiarity
catching me offguard,
Evoking thoughts of home.
Thoughts caught in my throat
Catching my breath.
Breaking the watery
rhythm of my gaze.
I had been furiously
surveying the landscape.
Trying to memorise
my surroundings,
your last surroundings.
Imprinting them forever
in my addled brain.
Trying desperately to keep
a back dated
company with you.
To be there with you
To catch you as you fall.
Their presence and
their leafy clothing
added an everyday essence
to the taste of the air.
The cooling shade
of the mountain’s trees
Providing relief from the
high bright continental sun
while reducing
my aperture of the scene.

My depth of field
plumbed along my soul lines
bridging the distance
between then and now.
Giving focus to my mind and
refuge from those many
late night calculations.
Shrouding my
uncertain disbelief,
that I could not,
undo that day.
The foxglove and the fern,
ensured that we,
were never mere tourists
You & I.
I could see you at home there,
Striding towards
the outcrop
of gray granite rock.
 A Guillimene of a rock.
You, as at home there,
as the lone fir tree.
Jutting out, oddly angled,
Its roots embedded
in its' scant
rocky source of life.
All the close up
commonplace groundlings
mixed with
my uncertainty
of the everything;
The closeness of the sky
the metric,
orderly ridges of the trees.
The barren and the lush playing
counterpoint to
my erratic breath.
The foxglove and the fern.
Did you notice them again?
Did they bring you home?
Transport you unknowingly
South East and West?
The Foxglove and the Fern,
I know not if they brought me
heedless comfort but
they will forever
be my mental waymarks,
To the path that made me pilgrim.
Jillian Quinn/  July -Nov 12 th 2019

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