A Broad’s Thoughts From Home


More musings from yet another middle aged woman. One of  a long line of great MAWs. Random thoughts , profane utterances and mindless ramblings on life,  love, friendship and the cause of rising pate prices in the 80’s are to be expected. No doubt the lines between fact and fiction will be in constant flux as I am a retired fairy godmother.

When I started this blog, on a whim in the summer of 2017 little did I know how intrinsic writing, journaling, poetry, photography and blogging would become to my state of being. I just can’t bring myself to delete the original lines of introduction written above. This started as light hearted endeavour to kick start my brain. It was something for myself.

It is such a reminder of life before my beautiful brother John died. I can remember, having a blog started but not finished or published before he died, and really thinking long and hard as to whether I would continue with this site at all. I had no doubt I would write privately as I had restarted that too before John died and it brought me such a wealth of everything.

This blog has grown into something I suppose it always was, an exploration of myself, but the ‘raison d’etre’ is no longer to entertain or stimulate my perimenopausal brain cells. My life is not what it was back in 2017 and there is no going back. Since May 12th 2018, my writing centres on John’s death and his absence and my grief, with other bits of my living experience in the mix. I share what I can with varying levels of ability to sit with the duality of comfort and discomfort of sharing. It has become an important part in navigating the living with the grief caused by John’s physical absence from my life. It gifts me with the opportunity to mourn publicly.

Welcome to my world, feel free to share. If you are here because you are grieving a loved one, I’m sorry that you are here. This posts can also be accessed on my public Facebook page for my blog posts.